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Conditions for the Award of the Hume Fellowship

Agree to undertake the course of study outlined in their application

The Fellowship is awarded on the basis of the programme of study submitted at the time of application. Should it become necessary or desirable to make changes to the study programme either prior to departure or during the course of the study, Fellows shall seek the approval of the Trustees before undertaking such changes.

Submit interim and final reports.

The Trustees require reports on the progress of Fellows in achieving their programme of study. For a study of approximately 12 months, a mid-term and final report are required. For longer or broken periods of study, reports at the end of each section of study are required or as agreed with the Trustees. Interim reports shall be a short account of progress towards the achievement of the study programme. Final reports may be a copy of the Thesis submitted to the institution where the study has been undertaken. Proof of examination or study results will be required by the Trustees.

Return to New Zealand employment to utilise the skills acquired during the course of study for a period of at least two years.

It is expected that Fellows will use their skills for the benefit of New Zealand and the profession of engineering. Overseas study and contacts may open up further study or employment opportunities. Fellows may not take up employment or study outside New Zealand for at least two years after their return. In some instances the Trustees may consider approving a limited period of overseas work experience before returning to New Zealand after study. Visits to engineering works or places of interest at the conclusion of the Fellowship, prior to return to New Zealand are encouraged by the Trustees as a means for Fellows to broaden their international understanding.

On return endeavour to tell others of the new skills they have acquired from their Fellowship studies.

Fellows are expected to write articles for appropriate engineering journals or present papers at conferences to enable others in the engineering profession to benefit from their study.

The Trustees may terminate payments and/or take legal action to recover money paid out to a Fellow if it is considered that the Fellow has not carried out his or her Fellowship obligations.

The Trustees will agree to a timetable of payments with a Fellow shortly after the award of a Fellowship. Payments may be in the form of payment for tuition fees and travel, accommodation and miscellaneous costs. The Trustees have a responsibility to ensure that Fellowship money is spent as agreed. They will take steps to terminate, recover or take legal action against any Fellow who does not honour the obligations of this agreement.

All enquiries regarding the Hume Fellowship are to be addressed to: The Director of Operations, IPENZ Engineers New Zealand, Phone 04 473 9444 or email tech.groups@engineeringnz.org