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History of The Fellowship Trust

The Hume Fellowship was established in 1988 by Henrietta Hume with Public Trust. The Trust Deed defines "a perpetual trust to award fellowships for graduates in Civil Engineering. The Fellowships are financed from the estate of Harry Lancelot Hume and endowed by his wife Henrietta Hume in the hope that international understanding can be forwarded through the provision of international opportunities for education and travel to young men and women of character and ability".

Harry and Henrietta Hume

The combined estates of Harry and Henrietta Hume have provided the invested capital for Fellowships of up to $21,000 to be awarded when funds from investments are available. Harry led a long and distinguished career in the Ministry of Works and was a Fellow of IPENZ; he died in May 1981. Henrietta led a very distinguished career in Department of Education and passed away in April 1993. They both had wide interests and achieved distinction not only in their chosen professions but also in their hobbies. Harry cut and polished opals with great skill while Henrietta achieved considerable acclaim as a potter.

Both Harry and Henrietta were Harkness Fellows, the American equivalent of Rhodes Scholars, enabling each of them to undertake specialist study in the USA. Harry went to Yale University in 1941 where he studied "Developments in Highway Practice in USA", while Henrietta studied "Nutrition Education" at Colombia and Cornell Universities. It was their Harkness Fellowships which led to Harry and Henrietta's desire to do something which would benefit young New Zealand engineers.

Harry Hume
Harry Hume

Henrietta Hume
Henrietta Hume