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The Hume Fellowship will be offered again in 2017.

The Fellowship was established in 1988 by Mrs Henrietta Hume whose late husband Harry Hume led a distinguished career in New Zealand until his retirement in 1966 as Chief Civil Engineer, Ministry of Works, Wellington.  More information about the Fellowship is available at http://www.humefellowship.org.nz/history.htm

The Fellowship is to provide financial assistance to young civil engineers to further their professional skills by a period of specialist study at an overseas institution with the aim to advance the technical skills of the Engineering profession within New Zealand.

The award will be a sum of up to NZ$21,000. Payment of the fellowship funds will be direct to the university or college, or other defined need for the study, when the fellow’s study commences. Fellowships are not paid retrospectively. The applicant must undertake to return to New Zealand for a period of not less than two years after the award to disseminate the technical skills gained, and to produce for the Trustees a report on the achievements of the study.

The Fellow will be a citizen of New Zealand, preferably between the ages of 25 and 35, with a university degree in civil engineering.  Selection will be based on the potential of the applicant and the proposed programme to advance the technical skills of the Engineering profession within New Zealand.

The subject of study, the period, and the location of studies shall be detailed by the applicant.  The applicant must have demonstrated ability and application in the chosen area of study.  An indication of how the study will advance the profession within New Zealand shall be included in the application.  The applicant must supply the names and addresses of three referees.  The applicant must also supply a curriculum vitae giving their age, nationality, educational qualifications, publications, awards and employment history.

Applications need to be forwarded to: 

Applications close on 31 May 2017

Interviews of selected applicants will be conducted to determine the Fellowship winner.