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Requirements of the Fellowship Application

The Trust provides for Fellowships of up to a value of $21,000 to be awarded when funds are available, or as the Trustees decide. The requirements for Fellowship applications are quite simple. Applicants should be New Zealand citizens, preferably between the ages of 25 and 35, who have degree in civil engineering. Fellows are selected for their potential to advance the technical skills of the engineering profession within New Zealand. The subject, the period and location of study are proposed by the applicant. The applicant should have demonstrated his or her ability in their specialist field and be able to show how their study will advance the engineering profession within New Zealand.

There is no formal application form or special format of application. The subject of study, the period and location of study should be detailed by the applicant. An indication of how it is anticipated the proposed study programme will advance the profession within New Zealand should be included in the application. Applicants should include an estimate of the cost of their proposed study that in all probability will be significantly more than the $21,000 Fellowship award being offered. An indication of where additional funds might be raised is requested. The names and contact addresses of at least three referees who can confirm the applicant’s professional ability and character are also requested.  Applicants should also include a Curriculum Vitae giving age, nationality, educational qualifications, publications, awards and employment history. Each application is judged on its merits. Interviews will be held with short-listed applicants.